Bella Italia Dhanmondi (Italian Cuisine in Bangladesh) – 2023

Welcome to Bella Italia Dhanmondi – a culinary haven where the rich flavors of Italy come alive in the heart of Dhaka. As you step into this charming Italian restaurant, you are transported to a realm of timeless elegance and exquisite tastes. Bella Italia Dhanmondi has earned its place as a hidden gem in the bustling food scene of Bangladesh, enchanting diners with its authentic Italian fare and warm hospitality.

Discover the Essence of Italy: At EatinBD, we are thrilled to take you on a delightful journey through Bella Italia Dhanmondi’s culinary treasures. Indulge your senses in the heavenly aromas of freshly baked pizzas, the rich creaminess of risottos, and the decadence of luscious desserts. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared to honor the traditional Italian recipes that have been passed down through generations, keeping the flavors authentic and delightful.

An Abode of Italian Delights: Step into Bella Italia Dhanmondi, and you are embraced by an inviting ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. The rustic charm of wooden accents, the soft glow of ambient lighting, and the cozy interiors create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for diners of all ages. Whether it’s a romantic date night or a family gathering, Bella Italia Dhanmondi offers the perfect setting to savor the essence of Italy.

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Bella Italia Dhanmondi Location

Dhanmondi ADC Empire Plaza, (1st Floor), Plot 91, Road 12/A, Satmasjid Road, Opposite Pizza Hut, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209


Bella Italia Dhanmondi Ambiance and Photos

As a food blogger always on the lookout for extraordinary dining experiences, I recently stumbled upon a hidden gem in the heart of Dhaka – Bella Italia Dhanmondi. From the moment I walked through its doors, I was captivated by the timeless Italian charm that embraced me.

The ambiance at Bella Italia Dhanmondi is truly remarkable. Stepping inside is like stepping into a time capsule, transporting you straight to the enchanting streets of Italy. The rustic wooden furniture, vintage posters, and soft, warm lighting create an inviting and cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for a memorable meal.

bella Italia Dhanmondi photos

What struck me most was how Bella Italia Dhanmondi manages to retain the essence of old-world Italy while incorporating modern elements. It’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and comfort, making it an ideal spot for diners of all ages. The restaurant’s spacious layout ensures both intimate dinners and lively gatherings are accommodated with ease.

As a true food lover, I couldn’t help but appreciate the authenticity that emanates from the walls adorned with picturesque Italian landscapes and iconic landmarks. It’s as if you’re dining amidst the culture and history of Italy.bella Italia Dhanmondi photos

What truly sets this place apart is its serene ambiance. The soft background music allows for meaningful conversations without any disruptions. It’s a peaceful escape from the bustling city outside, providing an atmosphere to savor every bite and cherish special moments.

Bella Italia Dhanmondi offers more than just an exceptional culinary experience; it offers a timeless taste of Italy. If you’re seeking a place to transport your senses and indulge in the finest Italian cuisine, this charming restaurant is an absolute must-visit. It’s no wonder Bella Italia Dhanmondi remains an underrated gem in Dhaka – a place that leaves a lasting impression on both your heart and taste buds.

bella Italia Dhanmondi photos

As a passionate food blogger, I am always on the lookout for culinary havens that offer a symphony of flavors to delight my taste buds. Today, I am thrilled to take you on a journey through the tantalizing Bella Italia Dhanmondi Menu & Prices. Brace yourself for a delectable experience that celebrates the essence of Italian cuisine right here in Dhaka.

Contorni / Side Dishes: A Medley of Italian Flavors

Join me as we explore the array of Contorni, the delightful side dishes that complement the main courses at Bella Italia Dhanmondi. From the classic Bruschetta to the irresistible Caprese Salad, prepare to be amazed by the authentic Italian flavors that add a perfect touch to your dining adventure.

bella Italia Dhanmondi menu- Contorni Side dishes

Primi Piatti / First Dishes: Savor the Essence of Italy

Step into the world of Primi Piatti, where a symphony of pasta and risotto dishes awaits. Be it the creamy goodness of Carbonara or the soul-soothing Risotto al Funghi, these first dishes will take you on a culinary trip through the heart of Italy.

bella Italia Dhanmondi menu- primi piatti or first dishes

bella Italia Dhanmondi menu- primi piatti or first dishes

Pizza: A Slice of Heaven

No Italian journey is complete without savoring a slice of pizza. At Bella Italia Dhanmondi, the Pizza menu is a treasure trove of flavors, boasting both traditional classics and innovative creations. Join me as we embark on a pizza adventure like no other.

bella Italia Dhanmondi menu- Pizza

bella Italia Dhanmondi menu- Pizza 2

Desserts: Indulge in Sweet Temptations

Prepare yourself for a sweet finale as we delve into the realm of Desserts. From the evergreen Tiramisu to the luscious Panna Cotta, these Italian treats will satisfy your cravings and leave you craving for more.

bella Italia Dhanmondi menu- Desserts

Coffee & Tea Menu: A Moment of Bliss

Need a little pick-me-up after a delightful meal? Let’s explore the Coffee & Tea Menu at Bella Italia Dhanmondi. From rich Espresso to soothing herbal teas, these beverages offer a moment of pure bliss.

bella Italia Dhanmondi menu- coffee and tea

Drinks Menu: Quench Your Thirst

Discover a wide selection of beverages on the Drinks Menu, from refreshing mocktails to fine Italian wines. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Bellini or a sparkling soda, there’s something for every palate.

bella Italia Dhanmondi menu- drinks

Secondi Piatti / Second Dishes: A Culinary Symphony

Last but not least, let’s unveil the magnificent Secondi Piatti – the second dishes that epitomize the art of Italian cooking. From succulent meat dishes to delightful seafood delicacies, these main courses will leave you awe-struck.

bella Italia Dhanmondi menu- second dishes

So, come along with me as we embark on this delightful culinary journey through the Bella Italia Dhanmondi Menu & Prices. Get ready to indulge in the finest Italian flavors and experience a gastronomic paradise like no other.

Must Try Items of Bella Italia Dhanmondi

As an avid food blogger, I am delighted to share with you the most delectable and unforgettable Must-Try Items that await you at Bella Italia Dhanmondi. Prepare your taste buds for a journey through the heart of Italy as we explore the culinary treasures of this hidden gem.

1. Margherita Pizza – A Classic Delight Indulge in the timeless perfection of the Margherita Pizza, where simplicity meets incredible taste. This classic masterpiece features a thin crust topped with luscious tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, aromatic basil leaves, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Each bite is a heavenly experience that captures the true essence of Italian pizza.

2. Risotto Funghi – A Creamy Delicacy Venture into the world of velvety goodness with the Risotto Funghi. This heavenly dish combines Arborio rice cooked to perfection with a medley of earthy mushrooms and a hint of Parmesan cheese. The creamy texture and rich flavors will transport you straight to the heart of Italy.

3. Tiramisu – A Sweet Symphony No culinary journey is complete without savoring the iconic Italian dessert – Tiramisu. Bella Italia Dhanmondi’s rendition is a work of art, with layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese topped with a dusting of cocoa. Each spoonful is a harmonious blend of coffee and cream, leaving you craving for more.

4. Penne Arrabiata – A Fiery Pasta Delight Embrace the bold flavors of Penne Arrabiata, a spicy pasta dish that packs a punch. Al dente penne pasta is tossed in a zesty tomato sauce infused with chili flakes and garlic, creating a tantalizing combination that ignites your taste buds.

5. Pizza Diavola – For the Adventurous Palate If you seek an exciting pizza experience, the Pizza Diavola is your answer. This devilishly delightful creation features a fiery blend of spicy salami, tangy tomato sauce, and melted cheese that will set your taste buds ablaze.

6. Bruschetta al Pomodoro – A Refreshing Appetizer Begin your meal with a burst of freshness with the Bruschetta al Pomodoro. Crispy bread slices are topped with juicy tomatoes, fragrant basil, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze, creating a delightful appetizer that awakens your senses.

7. Lasagna Bolognese – Layers of Comfort Indulge in the comforting embrace of the Lasagna Bolognese, a heartwarming dish that features layers of pasta, rich meaty Bolognese sauce, and creamy béchamel. Each forkful is a harmonious blend of flavors that will leave you feeling warm and content.

8. Panna Cotta – A Silky Sweet Treat Conclude your Italian feast with a spoonful of pure bliss – the Panna Cotta. This delicate dessert is a smooth and silky custard topped with a luscious fruit compote, providing a delightful balance of sweetness and freshness.

So, there you have it – the must-try items that will elevate your dining experience at Bella Italia Dhanmondi to new heights. Embark on this gastronomic adventure and savor the authentic flavors of Italy, lovingly crafted to perfection in the heart of Dhaka. Bon appétit!

Customer Reviews of Bella Italia Dhanmondi

here are some reviews taken from the customers of Bella Italia Dhanmodi


Rating: Food: 5/5 Service: 5/5 Atmosphere: 5/5

Review: Probably the best pizza in Bangladesh.

Alif Ashrafee

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: If you love authentic Italian, this is the place to go. A bit on the pricier side but the quantity and quality of their food is top notch.

bella Italia Dhanmondi - steak

Md Atique al Azad

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: The best Italian pizza in Bangladesh. Actually, I should say that they have introduced the authentic Italian pizza in Bangladesh and the taste is mouthwatering. I am loving it and will always love their pizza.

Qazi Mustabeen Noor

Rating: Food: 4/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Time has stopped somewhere in the early 90’s at Bella Italia Dhanmondi. The décor hasn’t changed at all in many, many years. Mind you, this is no North End or Yum Cha District bustling with a hip young crowd. This place is history: only a select few come here for good food and conversation. The pizzas are a superhit, the pastas are light and not overly filling. The flavors are subtle, elegant, and beautiful. Classy if I may add. As usual, nobody takes pictures of the food because they’re too busy eating! Definitely an underrated gem of Dhaka.

bella Italia Dhanmondi - pizza

Md. Mustafizur Rahman

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: An excellent place for Pizza. They say they are a house of Italian Pizza, and they really have good pizzas. Many varieties of pizzas are here, and all of them are of 12-inch size, so 2 persons can easily consume one pizza. The price of the pizza is reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about your money bag much. I tested Pizza Vienesse, and its taste was really good. One might get easily confused after seeing so few customers’ presence here, maybe because of its odd location. Most of the restaurants are on the other side of the road. In short, the pizzas here are cheap and tasty.

Sayem Hossain

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Simple interior. But they are very famous for their food. Their pizza and pasta are one of the best in town.

bella Italia Dhanmondi - food

Zarrar Quasem

Rating: Food: 5/5 Service: 5/5 Atmosphere: 3/5

Review: Pizza and pasta are great. The restaurant needs a little polish and shine ✨️.

Ruhin Afrin Joyee

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: When in confusion, go here and you can’t be disappointed. The pizzas and appetizers are great. Omellete Di Principesse, the Omelet with chicken sausage, fontina cheese, and mushrooms, is love.

 bella Italia Dhanmondi - food

Mozammel Hoque

Rating: Food: 3/5 Service: 4/5 Atmosphere: 3/5

Review: Okay for normally expected service. Not a good variety of food. Reason is not too many customers are there. Sad.

Muhibur Rahman Dhrubo

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Classic and cozy…If you are looking for some real good Italian food you should visit this place.

reshad karim

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Very subtle environment to hangout with friends, the employees are very friendly and the pizza is the best thin crust pizza in town for last 5 years plus.

bella Italia Dhanmondi - capaccino

Raida Quayum

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Their Alfredo pasta is heavenly! 10/10, period. My other favorites are- shrimp and tomato pizza, mushroom and sausage pizza, and tiramisu. ❤️ PS- Bella Italia is an ‘authentic’ Italian restaurant, so try to get some ideas about original Italian food before trying.

shamim ferdous

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Easy to go ADC Empire Plazza 1st floor (right side). Very good environment. Food test is good, especially pizza.

Sharar I

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: One of the best Italian pizzerias in town. The taste is really unique and the ambiance is pretty cool as well. A really good place for family. Though they only serve thin crust pizza, it’s pretty good indeed. Reasonably priced and really good service.

bella Italia Dhanmondi - food

Khondoker Mashuk Ibn Mahfuz

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Hands down best pizza in town. Thin and crispy crust gives you wood fire pizza feel. Toppings are great. Cheese and other ingredients are used in a balanced amount. The place is quiet and good for a talk.

Monjur Fahd

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: One of the authentic Italian restaurants in Dhaka.

Musharrat Rabbani

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Best authentic Italian food in Dhaka.

BlueRony Bro

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Nice place to bring family and friends. Pizza was delicious. Nice atmosphere and professional staff. Car parking can be a little tricky in front. Like their old posters hanging on the wall. Cool decoration with delicious foods.

Chowdhury’s studio

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: It’s an Italian pizza shop. It’s one of the best pizza in the city, I think. It’s not too costly.

Rafi Siddique

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: One of the best pizzas I have had worldwide not just in Dhaka. Keep up the good work. Very authentic. Olive oil overload!


Rating:Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Whenever you go, every time try their pasta and spaghetti. ☺️

Sadia Oishee

Rating: Food: -/5 Service: -/5 Atmosphere: -/5

Review: Best for those who love authentic Italian pizza… 😍 …


As you bid farewell to Bella Italia Dhanmondi, you carry with you not just the taste of exquisite Italian cuisine but the cherished memories of a delightful dining experience. EatinBD is proud to have shared this culinary adventure with you, and we invite you to return to Bella Italia Dhanmondi whenever your heart craves the comforting flavors of Italy. Let us continue to celebrate the joy of good food and good company, where every dish tells a story, and every visit feels like coming home. Buon appetito!

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